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ALOPECIA androgenetica cura rimedio soluzione


The androgenetic alopecia is the most common disease of the scalp and hair.

Affects 80% of males and 50% females throughout life. Baldness increases with age. Baldness, that serious, occurs in 18 years of age in males and around 15 years of age in women and causes a thinning hair.

Hair regrowth

ricrescita dei capelli caduti soluzione integratore

Hair regrowth

Fallen hair regrowth is a rebus and before you speak about the possibilities you have to diagnose and understand why your hair fall. And’ important to know that the life of the hair is attached to a hair re-growth cycle that repeats itself about 20 times in the lifespan of an individual.

Alopecia: the different types of Alopecia and remedies

alopecia areata donna tipi cura curare


Alopecia is that parafisiologico process that decreases the amount of scalp hair.

Hair loss is diffuse localized.

The word derives from the Greek word alopex alopecia which means Fox. It has been used this term to a similarity with Fox that twice a year lose their fur. It concerns a very large population, both male and female.



The scalp is the skin that covers the skull and has the task of protecting the brain. And’ covered by hairs that contribute to cerebral thermoregulation.On a healthy scalp, real hair are approximately 200 per cm², on the head of a there are

Hair loss and Depression

caduta dei capelli depressione ansia rimedi

Hair loss and Depression

Hair loss in people of young age causes depression and makes them feel with the morale “underfoot”. To anyone, man or woman who is glad to find in hair brushes or on pillows, notice their hair are increasingly rare and subtle.

HAIR Loss Menopause

caduta capelli menopausa donna in menopausa diradamento


During menopause, the woman undergoes many transformations. Hair loss during menopause is one of the effects of this physiological process.

Hormone levels go down and lowers the amount of estrogen present in his body. The reduced contribution of these hormones causes, in

Female Balding – Causes and remedies

calvizia femminile cause rimedi cure


The female baldness is constantly increasing. The causes that cause balding in women are varied including stress, environmental pollution and aggressive treatments.

The hereditary factor is very low in women's hair loss and hormonal factors affecting only a low percentage of women.

Hair loss: the androgenetic alopecia – hereditary factor

perdita capelli alopecia androgenetica ereditaria

Hair loss

Hair loss in humans is a normal physiological process affecting the 70% men and should not be underestimated: male hair loss is not to be taken “under the leg”, many men suffering from alopecia, indeed, complaining about difficulties in approaching the opposite sex because they feel ashamed about the situation of their hair. The cause of hair loss in men is due to many factors (v. even thinning hair

Premature hair loss

perdita capelli precoce ragazzaperdita capelli precoce ragazza

Premature hair loss

The early fall of hair is on the rise, a guy on five suffers from a more or less serious form of baldness. He noted that out of a sample of 10.000 young, il 18% male and female up to 20 years, suffering from premature hair loss. Of this 18% many suffer from hair loss in genetic form others to psychological factors such as performance anxiety, trauma and emotional stress,as from alopecia from stress.Children are hardest hit of the girls even though the girls who suffer from hair loss are increasing.


diradamento dei capelli dermolix


The thinning hair is a physiological phenomenon, mostly, age-related, both in men than in women.

In humans the hair thinning occurs at the height of the Summit, in women, Instead, It concerns more evenly across the rest of the surface of the scalp.